A brand new look, the same great care.
Helping, healing and homing 14000 vulnerable animals each year.

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In brief

Rebranding Bristol oldest animal welfare centre established in 1887. Following extensive consumer research a new corporate identity was created a long with a suite of supporting literature, point of sale and digital assets.

Brand Identity
Digital Design


The new identity incorporated three new animal characters delivering a bright, fresh, friendly and contemporary look for the charity. This was then consistently applied across a broad spectrum of collateral, from the signage to staff uniforms, printed materials and online communications.  

A published set of brand guidelines were also created which could be sent to individuals and organisations wishing to get involved with Bristol A.R.C. ensuring that all outbound communications remained consistent.


If you are interested in making a donation or becoming involved with Bristol A.R.C.go to bristolarc.org.uk to find out more.